Shown here is a Galloway replacement trigger. It has 2 screws for
adjustment of pre- and over travel. This trigger does not reduce the trigger
pull weight, however, we have another way of reducing the trigger pull.
This is a popular safety upgrade. It allows easy safety manipulation with the
thumb of holding hand. Note that we do not sell this safety. Modification is
done to your own part.
Alone with safety upgrade the slide stop also can be improved by
adding a small step for better grip.
This is a new Fiber Optic sights set for Bodyguard
Bodyguard 380 became a very popular carry handgun. I think it is
justified by its small size, light weight and a potent 380 shell. After
designing a small modification to its safety I started receiving multiple
enquiries about safety and other updates. Below is a short summary
of what we can do here at Rusrtblue Gunsmithing LLC for this little
We finally developed the way of reducing the
trigger pull
weight on this gun. It requires modification of
the firing pin and springs. Normally, we can
reduce the pull to 6-7lb with reliable primer
punch. Please call with questions.