Building Black Rifle or shotgun in any configuration
Rifle Camo of any pattern
Installing and boresighting scopes
Threading barrel
Installing Muzzle Brakes of all types
Dressing SKS Rifle
Installing Bullpup stocks

We build all possible configuration of the "Black Rifles: Ar-15, M-16, Saiga, WASR, FAL, AK
and any other

Besides we :
•Put DuraCoat or CeraCoat  CAMO of any shade, profile and texture
•Threading barrels and Install Muzzle Brakes,
•Installing Bipods, Trigger-Groups, and other custom parts
•Installing Lasers, Lights, Scopes and other accessories
•Install ANY kind of the standard AR-15 Hand Guards on the Bushmaster Carbon-15
•Any other custom and regular modifications