Meet our firearms consultant Andy Dumaine

Andy will answer all your questions related to our
website structure and quality, he will also take your propositions
on new features or content of this website.

Alone with being proficient in the Website design,
Andy will answer all general firearms questions like:

  • How to clean a particular firearm, which chemicals or materials should be used
  • How to disassemble a particular firearm with or without custom jigs or tools      
  • How to fix scratches or blemishes on the metal and wood and what use for that
  • Where to find gunparts for new or obsolete firearms
  • He will advise on fabricating parts - prices and timing-  impossible to find
  • Andy will research your problems related to bad cycling, ejecion and feeding
semiauto pistols, rifles and shotguns

Please call our general phone 508-5452450 and ask for Andy
or send email to
with all your concerns