Adjustable stock-butt hardware
Totally adjustable stock-butt with recoil suppressor
Rear portion of the stock is detached and replaced
Better wood is attached with dimensions suitable for the shooter
Some Popular Types of Adjustable comb hardware
Adjustable Comb Installed
Precision Fit Stock Hardware
Precision Fit Stock Installed and adjusted
The portion of the stock is Partially detached
Dressing SKS Rifle
Same portion of stock is reattached with different cast,

Fitting the gun to a shooter is a process of
changing the stock geometry so that the
dominant eye of the shooter can be lined
up with the sights or the top rib of the gun,
while shouldering it correctly.

While the latest developments of the combat and target rifles widely utilise the adjustable stocks,
the fit was and remains extremely important for the competition and hunting shotguns.  This is
due to a shooting at flying target, which requires pointing rather than aiming. Pointing is a rapid
intuitive motion, combined with concentration on the flying target and leading it. In such conditions,
with limited time and multiple variables only the correct fit of the gun ensures that the impact is
where the shooter is expecting.

The main way of fitting the gun in the past was bending the stock in a special cradle while applying
the hit to a grip area. WE STILL PROVIDE THIS SERVICE. However, the stock bending is more
suitable for the thin, oil-finished, straight (English) stocks, rather than for the pistol-gripped bulky
ones, which are so popular today. The alternative to bending is installation of adjustable butt and
comb devices such as Graco, Bump-Buster and other.

There are 5 major geometrical dimensions of the stock that have to be adjusted for the proper fit of
the gun to a shooter:

• Length of pull  (LOP)
• Drop at comb            
• Drop at hill                 
• Cast off (for right-hand shooter) or Cast on (for lefty)
• Pitch                         
Another way of adjusting Drop At Comb without cutting the stock