Walk-in help with all Ruger problems: service,
assembly/ disassembly
Fiber Optics, Tritium and Red Dot sights  installation
Obsolete Benelli B-76 parts fabricated
Competition guns serviced and customized
Reinstalling broken hammer-shaft on revolvers
Relining and rechambering worn out barrels
  • Handgun Customization for Competitions, Cary,
    Tactical, Combat
  • Milling slides for all kinds of sights
  • Installing Scope mounts
  • Trigger jobs on all models
  • Many other custom jobs
Note that Apex trigger is integral part (not half-and-half) with safety
Glock-like in the middle of the trigger
During the Trigger job on M&P the magazine safety can be removed
Bodyguard 380 is a nice
semiautomatic self-defence pistol,
however, the standard safety is so
small that it is difficult to operate,  
especially in critical situation.

We developed an improved safety
lever, which combines compact
size with convenience of
operation with one thumb

Smit&Wesson M&P Trigger Job

Trigger job on S&W M&P became an every day modification. It really transforms a good
pistol with terrible trigger into a good pistol with good trigger. Though, there are several
ways of doing this trigger job, the best  results can be achieved by installation  of the APEX
trigger kit. Now replacement trigger kits are available for full size and compact M&P   
pistols. However, reduction of the trigger pull can be achieved also by modifying  
the standard sear and replacing springs without an Apex kit.
  Replacement of the trigger/ trigger bar does not
reduce the trigger pull.
We have our solution for reducing the
trigger pull
on this pistol. Please call for
Safety & Slide Release Modification on S&W Shield
Repair, Maintenance, Restoration of ALL Luger models