Some Emails are listed here without changes

 Received the Reichrevolver today-FANTASTIC! Operates like new,thanks very much,and I will recommend you to all
my associates.Balshoye Spacibo!
Hello Sergey,
We received the four items today and are extremely pleased with the results (as usual!)  Joey will be sending along
payment and his thanks as well, but I just wanted to let you know how happy we all are here with your excellent work.  
Those British flintlocks were especially horrible but are guns worth owning now!
Thank you again and I'm sure I will talk to you soon!
Hi Sergey,
This is mark McLean , you added two inches to my stock and lowered the drop.  I'm shooting much better, i figured that I
picked up at least 10 targets first time shooting with the changes you made.  I have have your contact information to my
friends that asked.
All the best,
Hi Sergey.
The barrel came yesterday. I got her put together this afternoon and ready to shoot. It looks wonderful. I plan to go to
the range this weekend and give her a try. I will let you know.
Thank you again for your work. I will be sure and let others know what nice work you do.

Sergey, shot 3 rounds of skeet last weekend and triggers are excellent.
Gun is tight like you said it would be.Thank You!
Hi Sergey - Just wanted to send along my sincere thanks on a fantastic bluing job you performed on my old 1911. Just
picked it up from Dana Johnsen this afternoon, and was truly amazed at how it turned out. I hope there is room on your
website to show this awesome job.
Best Wishes -

Sergey, received the barrels today they look perfect. color is exact the dent removal is flawless. I couldn't be happier,
great job, thanks again . Steve.

Shot the K 32 yesterday in both singles and doubles. It is like a new gun.
Great job.
Hi Sergey,
This is mark McLean , you added two inches to my stock and lowered the drop.  I'm shooting much better, i figured that I
picked up at least 10 targets first time shooting with the changes you made.  I have  your contact information to my
friends that asked.
All the best,
Hi Sergey,
I received your package today,
I couldn't wait to open it.
It looks great! I shot it a few times,
and will take it to my gun club next week
to really give it a work out. I really like the
browning on the barrels. How did you get
the color on the metal parts?
Thanks for the beautiful work,
Thank you so much,
The shot gun
works perfectly
M1 Is Perfect
I put two clips through it without incident.
I knew is it was the clip spring when I pulled the bolt back and it yielded without hitting a rough spot. I had experienced
problems with the bolt closing and getting clips into the gun. I think it was an improperly installed or broken spring that
was holding things up.
Now it opens and closes like a good 1100. I couldn't be happier.

Shot the Franchi yesterday at the skeet range.  It fits like a glove.  At first I could not hit anything, since you lowered the
comb, my point of aim changed and I was shooting way under the targets, but once I figured out that I had to be right on
the birds things started to get alot better.  I shot 4 round of skeet, about 100 targets.  I have to say it still kicks like crazy
and that pad is still a bit weak. We were shooting in shirt sleeves so not real protection.  If I had it to do over I think I
would add the recoil reducer or use a recoil pad with more give.
But, the fit is right on and I think after a few saturdays I will shoot really well with it.  The last half of my 4th round, I was
shooting 100%.
The thing that made the biggest difference is that it just does not kick my cheek bone like it used to.  If I had shot 100
rounds before I would have had a huge bruise on my face.  Not my face was fine.
Thanks again for the great work and all the patience.  Later this month I will bring you the other gun to change the
I could not be happier with the work you have done to get this gun to fit me.  Thanks.

Hi. Jim Banks here. I went out today and fired the 12Ga. that you opened the choke on. First shot was a bullseye with a
slug at about 30 yards. At fifty yards, the hits were within the 7 circle. I'm very happy with the results on the gun and if
you ever need an indorsement just let me know or use this email on your own without saying anything to me.

Hey Sergey,

I just got back from New Hampshire from my very first deer hunting trip ever. I got my very first buck with my Model '94.  
Not a big one, but definitely good eating.
Anyway, a couple of the hunters I ran into in the wood were really impressed with the shot I took.  It was a perfect lung
shot at 40 yards in pretty heavy brush.
I'd like to take all the credit, but I know most of it was because of the great work you did on my rifle.  Between the new
trigger pull and the iron sights, that little buck didnt' stand a chance.
Thanks for all your hard work.  It really paid off.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some venison tenderloins that need cooking.
Talk to you later,
Sergey -

Thank you again for all you have done to solve my verious gun problems. I look forward to
completing the project. Below is my contact information:
All best and thanks again.
Hi Sergey,

You lengthened the stock on a K-80 I bought about a year ago and I was very happy with your work.  I have just
purchased a specially manufactured matched pair of Remington 1100 shotguns in 28ga and 410 bore (circa 1970).  
During shipment the bottom corner chipped out of the butt stock of the 28ga 1100.  My FFL for the transfer was Brian
Wooley and he gave me your card which reminded me that you had done good work for me in the past.
Kevin O'Neill
Hey Sergey,
Thank you again for the work on my BLR, I am very much looking forward to using it this weekend. It is a pleasure doing
business with you. Please feel free to email me with any updates, questions, or comments.
The Citori you worked on is great, I was wondering how much you charge to soft top the adjustable comb?

Thank you,
             I want to extend my sincerest thanks for the work you did on my firearms. These are family heirlooms and
having them restored to this condition means a lot to my father and I, they look great!
Thank you again and  please let me know if I can be of help to you at some time.
Hi Sergey,
  I received everything back today and I must say you do excellent work the screw certainly looks period/vintage correct
and the stock is well done. Have a nice weekend and will be in-touch. Thank you again
Re. Armalite 180 stock locking mech.

The gun looks really good and your idea was exactly the right approach. I'll give you an update after I go to the range  
and put some rounds through it. Thanks again. John

Sergey, I received my gun yesterday and was amazed at the safety enhancement job. It was very high quality
workmanship and looked like it was factory built. I ever get up that way, I'll stop in and we'll share a hand-shake..
Thanks again

Sergey, sorry for the delay.  You did a wonderful job on the Swiss trainer.
The customer is very happy.  Please send me an invoice so I can pay you.
Thanks again,

I recommend you take your Hi Standard pistol to Sergey Lyalko for any gunsmithing you need.  He is first class.

You can contact him at:
(508) 545-2450


Hello Sergey,
  I hope this email finds you well. I'll be sending out today a percussion fowler Gun.
When it arrives if you could kindly contact me let me know what your thoughts as for reconditioning the
barrels along with the firing assembly. All the best. By the way my Parker 10 gauge hammer gun has
taken many ducks this year great job Bringing  it back to life for me. All the best
Mike Florence